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Dreariness is Price for Drought Relief
Weekend to reward us with a sunny conclusion

A. Camden Walker @ 11:49 AM

** Flood Watch in Effect Through Saturday Morning **

We are getting luckier and luckier with rain totals. More rain is on its way--more than was expected even 48 hours ago--from this stationary front and low pressure system logjammed in our region. We need it though. Looking for a light at the end of our cool 'n clammy tunnel? Sunday should be at least partly sunny, albeit breezy, with highs near average.


Very Soggy, Steady Temps. Chances are good for some moderate, perhaps heavy, rain this afternoon. More drought-denting! Overcast skies will keep temperatures in a narrow range mostly in the upper 50s to 62F in the "warmer" spots. Breezes will be detectable, but it will not feel too chilly because of the compensatory humidity in the air. Dewpoints could rise near 60F, providing a palpable stickiness.

Overnight, skies will remain draped in clouds. Temperatures will fall little and dip only as cold as 60. Breezes will slacken, generally, except if a heavy burst of rain passes by. Generally a monotonous drizzle will persist outside of the periodic steady rain.

Jaywalking in a Damp Downtown DC

A Thursday morning pedestrian crossing over the double-yellow. [ credit Bill O'leary - Twp]


Breaking Skies by Sunset? Afternoon temperatures may reach the lower 70s under partly sunny skies! But how much we warm up, and see cracks of blue sky, will depend on how far from our area the stationary front can FINALLY move. Before it completely departs the area it will give us one more period of light rain in the morning, but not all too heavy. Winds could likely pick up, as skies clear near sunset. And mugginess will be slow to wane.

Overnight, temperatures will be allowed to fall somewhat. Inside the Beltway look for sunrise temperatures at or just above 50. Slightly cooler in the suburbs of course. Skies will finally clear out by dawn. And winds will likely pickup too.


Crisp, Blue, Beautiful! Skies should be partly to mostly sunny with accompanying autumnal (but average) temperatures in the lower-60s. It will probably be breezy behind the finally-cleared front. Enjoy the dryer air being ushered in out of the northwest. Gear up for a cool time of it after sunset, too. We get a nice reward at the end of our much-appreciated dreary weather!

The Arctic Scramble

In an interesting move directly related to tangible results from climate change, the U.S. Coast Guard has decided to step up operations on the Arctic Ocean. The Bush Administration is hurriedly encouraging ratification of a 1982 U.N. treaty, delineating nations' claims on sovereign seas overtop their continental shelves.

It is interesting watching our U.S. government play catch-up to this new, increasingly accessible waterway thanks to melting ice--after perhaps years of denial that any warming was even occurring. Oh yeah, and Russia seems to have a flag planted by submarine underneath the North Pole. And the same country has already begun pouring concrete into new ports on its northern coast. I hope to have a summer villa in Rusmarkanada one day...

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