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Dry and warm, the beat goes on...

Jason Samenow @ 7:50 AM

It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way to forecast this fall. Since the first day of fall, if you had guessed it would be dry and warmer than normal every day, you would've been right over 95% of the time. Warm and dry weather will persist through the middle of the week, with just a slight chance of showers late in the week before drying out in time for much of the weekend.


Nice Day StampAwesome Autumn. As high pressure moves offshore, expect some clouds mixed in with the sunshine. Light southerly flow will bring us comfortably warm air with highs in the mid to upper 70s. Overnight, skies should be mostly clear, with lows 50-55 (suburbs-city).


Forecast Confidence: HighAnother dandy. Once again, we'll have a mix of clouds and sun coupled with an enjoyable southerly breeze. High temperatures will be near 80. Overnight, it should be partly cloudy and mild with lows 55-60 (suburbs-city).


Forecast Confidence: HighMostly cloudy, quite mild. Increasingly strong southerly flow will increase the humidity and cloud cover. A stray shower is possible (20% chance), but I wouldn't bet on it (when in drought, leave it out). High temperatures should range from 75-80.

A Look Ahead

  • Friday may give us the best chance of rain we've had in a while, and perhaps a thunderstorm, but even so, chances are less than 50/50.
  • Saturday should have clearing skies and breezy conditions, with highs in the 70s.
  • Sunday looks to be mostly sunny with highs 75-80.

The Weather Channel's Got the Beat

ABC News tells us The Weather Channel (TWC) is burning its "Local on the 8s" music onto CDs and selling it. Apparently, there are untold thousands who tune into TWC for the music, not just another riveting "Storm Stories" re-run. A quick YouTube search for "weather channel music" returns some classic local forecast tunes: some catchy vintage tunes from the 80s and 90s, a foreboding melody when Katrina is nearing landfall, and even some Pink Floyd. The Weather Channel devotes a whole section to its music on its Web site. People actually dance to this stuff. No further comment necessary.

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