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Fall Finally to Show Face
Warm today, but cooling trend begins

Jason Samenow @ 9:00 AM

Forecast portion missing...

A Dull Fall and A Dud of A Winter?

Leaves aren't even close to changing and when they do, their color may be underwhelming. Today's Washington Post declares "[t]he drought and summer heat that won't leave ... might result in a less-than-spectacular fade to brown." However, the article also notes that "[p]redicting the leaf change is an inexact science" and that the area may have "isolated pockets" of spectacular color. Whether the foliage is dull or vibrant, peak color will be delayed given the record heat and may not arrive in the metro area until early November.

Meanwhile, yet another winter outlook has been issued -- this one by NOAA. Like all of the others, it's calling for a warmer than average season for the Mid-Atlantic not to mention most of the country. Interestingly, the basis for the warm forecast is the "long-term" warming trend -- seeming to imply seasonal forecasters are starting to factor global warming into their outlooks (in addition to patterns like La Nina). To the relief of snowlovers, despite the forecast for warmth, the NOAA-issued outlook concedes "[s]nowfall for the region will depend on other climate factors, which are difficult to anticipate more than one-to-two weeks in advance." Overall precipitation has "equal chances" of being above or below average. Let's hope for above -- for the sake of drought relief.'s winter outlook will be issued in November.

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