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Fog, Heat: Repeat.
Waahh?! Is the 90 degree mark surpassable?

A. Camden Walker @ 9:00 AM

Our August temperatures will end; however, not quite in time for our upcoming holiday weekend. You lucky government workers, you. Endure a few more days in the 80s... possibly topping 90 once or twice... even on Columbus Day. (Sorry. At least know that I am sweating a ton, too.)


Eventually sunny. Muggy. There will be some morning fog & clouds, but look for sunshine in the afternoon. High temperatures will vary from low 80s to near 90, south of the Beltway. The dewpoints will be tropical, but hopefully by midday there'll be a slight refreshing (saving grace) breeze, as there was on Thursday.

Overnight, skies will stay fairly clear until midnight. Breezes will virtually cease. It will continue to feel sticky, with 60-64F being the coolest it could get. Fog-prone areas will have some dense patches right around sunrise. And low-lying clouds will likely drape the sunrise for all of us.

Murky Morning on K Street

Tuesday's sunrise as cars rushed by Vermont&K, NW. This week's sunrises haven't been very pristine; muggy and diffuse, instead. [A. Camden Walker]


Coda; Repeat! After the morning clouds burn off, we will once again experience sunny + sticky 80s. Rain chances are still negligible unfortunately. So wear your sun glasses and drink lots of water.

Overnight, it will remain a bit muggy and temperatures should bottom out in the middle-60s. Breeze direction will also subtly shift to the southerly direction, cutting off our pesky easterly fetch which is keeping us socked-in.


"Augustal." Mugginess returns for the midday hour, but sunny skies will prevail. The sun will warm temperatures into the upper 80s, perhaps lower 90s south of the District. Overnight temperatures will only get down to 65 if you are lucky, and 70F if you live downtown.

Columbus Day

Hot Holiday. High temperatures will once again threaten the 90 degree mark. I have no reprieve in humidity and mugginess to report, unfortunately. So ask for indoor seating if you go to a holiday brunch. But I won't feel too bad for those of you lucky enough to have a holiday from work. It is doubtful Columbus ever experienced New World conditions this hot in the Mid Atlantic, in 1492. eesh.

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