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Lingering Cold Front to Drape District
Significant showers, constant cloudcover as front stalls

A. Camden Walker @ 10:30 AM

Warmth may slowly wane this week as a slow-moving cold front produces overcast and sometimes showery conditions. Unfortunately, the complex nature of the front, and model uncertainty as to where exactly it will stall, cause the late-week forecast to be a low confidence one. The good news is that, at long last, soaking rain is a good bet later today and tonight.


Clouds, Humidity, Showers. Overcast skies won't allow temperatures to crack much above the low 70s at best. It'll be breezy at times with rain chances increasing throughout the afternoon and especially high in the evening time. Drive carefully during evening rush. There could be a heavy burst of rain.

Overnight, skies will continue to be overcast. Temperatures will hover in the low 50s as winds thoroughly mix the atmosphere (producing fairly uniform temperatures from suburbs to city). Another batch of rain could move through before morning.


Dreary, drizzly. Overcast and drizzling rain at times really could be the name of the game. Basically the front is stalling in our area, and we'll be juuuuust on the cooler side of it. Thus leaving us in damp mid-50s to about 60 degree temperatures. Break out the light rain slickers. It is still going to be breezy, too.

Overnight, conditions will still be a tad raw. Temperatures will stay nearly stationary in the 50s and showers will persist and could re-develop again (en masse) near dawn. We just can't shake this overcast, windy stationary frontal-mess.


Slight improvement. Skies may see some breaks by afternoon, allowing temperatures up into the 60s. Hopefully with a bit more sun, 70 degrees will be possible. However, sun or not, there may be more evening rushtime showers to develop.

The Weekend

Fingers crossed for Sunday? Soupy mess of clouds and showers may very well continue through Saturday morning and overcast skies again limit high temperatures. Morning temps from the middle 60s may hit the lower-70s. Sunday stands to show us some sunshine and high temperatures near average... in the 60s.

Hopefully we will have netted some short-term drought relief from our periodic showers and occasional storm. We shall see.

California Fires

A lot has been written in the press about the massive 950,000-person evacuation from the southern California coast. With the Santa Ana winds providing such warm, gale-force energy to enable the fires to jump over 10-lane highways, I thought should certainly mention this meteorological event of great societal impact. Our thoughts are with those on the West Coast.

Picture from Doha Qatar Gulf Times: Malibu Presbyterian Church smolders as high winds continue to push a wildfire.

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