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Shockingly Seasonable Temperatures
Can you stand the new temperature regime??

A. Camden Walker @ 10:35 AM

Looking Good in the Neighborhood: A refreshing, crisp airmass will stick with us this entire weekend. It's. Just. That. Simple.


Brisk, then Pleasant. A few spots may need drying out from overnight showers, but no worry: the wind will blowdry the area, nicely, today. High temperatures around 66-69 today will feel slightly chillier, yet the sun will indeed be shining. I'd say the afternoon will be quite nice--without clouds to block the sun as happened Thursday evening. Winds will be gusting at times to 20mph, out of the northwest.

Overnight, skies will clear & temperatures will fall. Low temperatures in the cooler exurb spots will be around 39, while The District stays around 45. Brrrr. Breezes will not fully abate overnight; so, while there may be a slight chill at times, the mixed atmosphere will prevent temperatures from falling even further.

A Monet-Milky Morning

Thursday's sunrise looking south from H street, near Lafayette Park. Despite mostly cloudy skies, patches of blue sky accompanied an illuminated Washington Monument.[A. Camden Walker]


Blue n' Breezy. Afternoon temperatures in the upper-60s will still have that autumnal bite, as breezes continue to sporadically blow. Skies will be mostly clear--just an occasional cloud here and there. Humidity levels will remain at season-to-date lows. How the mugginess and sweat broken last week is becoming a memory...

Overnight, temperatures will be chilly. Expect low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s downtown, and a little cooler outside the Beltway.


A Warming Washington. Clear skies and temperatures in the 70s are up for grabs. That persistent little breeze won't call it quits either--but luckily it will not feel chilly while within this temperature range. Dewpoints will still be in a marvellously comfortable range. Hot Stuff! er, not anymore. DISFRUTE!/enjoy.

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