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Are You Warming Up?
To a (semi-permanent?) cool-down later this week?

A. Camden Walker @ 8:38 AM

Revel in the warmth during the short term. Wednesday may be the last day of warmth for quite some time; however, the good news I can provide is increased sunshine accompanying the cooler air from Canada. Will this help delay both your and my Seasonal Affective Disorder??


Damp Morning. Mostly cloudy skies will again drape our day. Temperatures of 61-65 degrees will pep us up a little, after our dank, clammy spell. Especially in the morning and early afternoon there is a 30% chance of a shower-- then some clearing by sunset!

Overnight, skies will actually experience some clearing and the ground will get a chance to dry out a bit. Temperatures will hover around the upper-40s in most spots; but, the wind will be very light and this could allow some lower-40s in the Blue Ridge valleys.


Pesky Clouds Return. Sans Rain. Despite mostly cloudy skies, we'll have warmer temperatures in the upper-60s. Chances of rain are low, despite the warm, cloudy air behind our Warm Front. But the southerly winds giving us our warm reprieve will not last long...

Curious about the remainder of the week? Check out the Week Outlook in Jason's post yesterday.

Ill-Fated Bangladesh: New Orleans' Vulnerability, quadrupled

5 days' warning and still there could be a humanitarian crisis in southeast Asia. Bangladesh has not only been rocked by an earthquake last week but now they have to deal with a major Cyclone named Sidr.

November is one of the region's most dangerous months. On November 12-13, 1970, a Category 4 cyclone struck Bangladesh, causing the greatest tropical cyclone disaster in world history. An estimated 350,000-550,000 people died when a devastating 34-foot storm surge funneled northwards through the Bay of Bengal into Bangladesh.

Some areas of this flat country already have permanent flooding which requires floating schools that I documented in September here on This country is extremely low-lying. Flood prone, poor, defenseless against cyclone or tsunami... and so deeply in poverty that even 5 days' advanced predictions of Category 4 cyclone Sadir heading its way-- warning is not easily broadcast in a country where 8 percent of its 150 million population uses the Internet. Isn't this astonishingly depressing?

I feel like I am staring down the barrel of a gun that could seriously harm hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh. Yet even as a meteorologist, & an American who is very well off compared to those in harm's way, I can do nothing but hope wind sheer increases over the storm--to weaken it.

Currently Sidr (picture above) possesses winds of 130mph--forecasted to maintain its Category 4 storm strength. For now, a small change in fortune may be appearing for Bangladesh... this time. NOGAPS and GFS global weather models are steering the storm further westward into a less populous area of east-coast India (and colder waters will weaken the storm!).

Neither Man nor Beast: Unfazed by Constant Flooding

Particularly heavy monsoons dumped paralyzing rains on Bangladesh earlier this year; 140 killed in Chittagong province alone.[India Tribune, June 2007.]

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