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Brrring on Below-Average Temperatures
A bit damp today. Will the metro area see flakes tonight?

A. Camden Walker @ 6:45 AM

The next couple of days will be chilly and somewhat damp with even some of the white stuff possible well north and west of town and in the high spots. We'll be lucky to see 50 degrees in the upcoming days... why did my winter coat have to completely fall apart before this cold snap! gr.


Cold with spotty light rain - especially in the PM. Mainly overcast skies and some light precipiation will keep it a chilly day today. High temperatures will struggle to rise 10 degrees, into the mid to upper 40s. Scattered, intermittent light rain is possible throughout the day but more likely during the afternoon (amounts will likely be pretty modest). Some light snow will fall in the mountains.

Overnight, skies will stay clouded-over with periods of light rain. Well north and west of DC (places like Frederick and Leesburg), the rain may max with or change to snow especially after midnight and in elevated areas. Elevations above 2,000 feet stand a decent chance of light accumulations. Temperatures will fall into the upper 30s downtown and in the low to mid 30s in the colder suburbs.

Snow note: it's not out of the question someone in the metro area could see some flakes, particularly overnight into tomorrow morning. Temperatures aloft are cold enough for snow today -- but will be too warm near the surface. However, overnight temperatures may be just cold enough in spots for some conversational flakes, especially if any moderate to heavy bursts of precipitation materialize.


Lingering AM light rain and raw. Some spotty light rain (mixed with snow well N&W and in elevated areas) is possible early in the morning as a coastal storm forms that will drag a weak boundary through the area early. Afternoon temperatures will not warm considerably, struggling to reach the upper 40s in most spots as skies slowly break. Breezes will only be moderate but you may want the scarf after our now-early sunset!

Overnight, we dry out, clear off, and maintain a moderate breeze. Low temperatures downtown won't dip below the high 30s, but some outlying spots will touch the low to mid 30s.


Partly sunny, dry. Skies will finally show some blue, but clouds will mix in -- especially during the afternoon. Temperatures will probably pierce the 50 degree mark and possibly hit 55, south of town. Winds will settle and I'd say our best day of the weekend is to be had this day. Happy Veteran's Day! Perhaps some real fall-like weather will show up, or will it...?

The Onion: Fall Canceled After 3 Billion Seasons

In his post Wednesday, Jason asked "Will 2007 will be remembered as the year without a fall?" Well, according to the Onion, fall is now history:
The classic period of the year, which once occupied a coveted slot between summer and winter, will be replaced by new, stifling humidity levels, near- constant sunshine, and almost no precipitation for months.
The Onion online makes a great spoof of what most Washingtonians would currently subscribe to: Warmth to Winter?! What happened to our nice, gentle Autumn? Well, it just became extraneous. Sorry. Snow flurries are exciting news, just two weeks after very warm record temperatures, right?!

Idyllic Autumntime - Gone Forever?

Classic lakeside autumnal scene -- a thing of the past? [Photo courtesy The Onion, online.]

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