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A Cool End to Your Week
With a Rainy Conclusion to Your Weekend

A. Camden Walker @ 12:35 AM

Behind our cold front that moved through last night, winds have shifted from a southerly fetch to a fetch from... the Canadian Provinces. Expect generally clear skies until Saturday evening, along with chilly and dry weather. Get that lotion out. Tis the season for lip balm, too! And what about an umbrella on Sunday...?


Chilly. But Sunny. Skies will be mostly sunny today, yet it will be deceivingly chilly. Expect high temperatures around 48-52 degrees. The wind will add a chill, certainly, but hopefully it will die down by sunset.

Overnight, skies will generally be partly cloudy. Low temperatures even downtown will once again dip below freezing. Outlying areas will be in the mid-20s by dawn. Bundle up! Note that at least winds will not be blowing you around. Saves us from a windchill!


Enjoy this while it lasts. High temperatures could peak at or above 45 degrees & with generally clear skies. The wind will also noticeably pick up by sunset. Yet my hope is that you got in your frisbee game on The Mall prior to late afternoon? Maybe bring that kite along, too!

Overnight temperatures will be buoyed slightly by clouds. Most spots will not dip below 32 degrees; downtown will likely hover at the 38 or 40 degree mark around dawn. Hopefully any rain will hold off until after breakfast?


Nippy & Damp. Showers are expected over most of the day today--50% chance when looking at the day on-the-whole; however, the greatest chance for rain is in the afternoon. If the precipitation moves in early enough it could mix with some sleet or wet snow, especially north and west of town. High temperatures will only get to 42 or 44 degrees. brrr!

Overnight showers will continue, most likely into Monday morning. Expect low temperatures to stagnate around the 40 degree mark. Skies will remain overcast, even if the rain temporarily pauses.

Fare Skies

By photographer Ian Livingston: A taxi heads south across Taft Bridge at Calvert & Connecticut ave, NW.

A Look Ahead

  • After clouds gradually clear Monday morning, cold and windy weather will move in with highs in the mid to upper 40s.
  • Tuesday through Thursday will be quite cold, with high temperatures generally in the upper 30s (Tuesday and Wednesday) to mid 40s (Thursday), and lows in the 20s.
  • Some snow showers or flurries are possible Wednesday as a clipper moves through the area.

S.A.D. Washingtonians Face Decreasing Daylight

Did you know DC is still losing over one minute of sunlight a day, as we approach the December soltice? What we often experience, neurochemically, by January, is lack of photogenerated serotonin in our cerebellum. There are additional theories surrounding that slightly down feeling during winter months, as well.

Debate may still surround some aspects of this "condition," but symptoms often manifest themselves in what many term Seasonal Affective Disorder. A couple options to help mitigate symptoms? Go tanning, it works for the Danes! Also a walk around the block at Solar Noon, when the sun is highest in the sky, can get 10 or 15 minutes of therapeutic sunlight through your eyelids. You can also head to the hardware store and buy a white light--one which imitates the full-spectrum of light emitted by the sun.

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