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Cooler, Fair Weekend Weather
Dry & truly autumnal pattern sets-in behind cold front

A. Camden Walker @ 8:00 AM

Cool. Dry. Breezy... and generally more sun than clouds. How's that summary strike you? The weather shouldn't be a major factor in most weekend plans, but do adjust comfort controls as needed--this will be our first cool stretch of weather!


Life in November. Behind the cold front, our temperatures will struggle around the 60 degree mark for high temperatures. Dewpoints will be drier and serious breezes out of the north will dry that skin out. Chances of rain are negligible, but you could still see clouds mixing into our sunshine during the afternoon hours.

Overnight, skies will cloud-over a bit. Temperatures will fall to around 40 in cooler spots, but hover in the low-to-mid 40s downtown. Breezes will continue as well--BUNDLE UP seems like an oddly apt phrase to pull back out of the weather-jargon dictionary??

Finally Downtown Shows its Color

Midday Wednesday at the Reagan Building downtown, edges of tree leaves were finally showing signs of their inner rainbow... [A. Camden Walker]


Cool & Sunny. Afternoon temperatures may not hit 60 degrees! Skies should stay mostly sunny most of the day--so you get the idea that this new fall-like airmass means business. Winds could whip up a bit until late afternoon when they slacken some. The air will continue to be crisp and dry with rain chances zero on Saturday.

Overnight, most areas will have Sunday morning low temperatures from 36-41, a bit cooler than dawn temperatures on Saturday morning. Skies will remain mostly clear. And breezes finally die down.


Clear, Dry. Skies should be continuing their pristine showing. Temperatures will probably pierce the 60 degree mark today. Winds will settle and I'd say it'll be a bit more comfortable; but, not really warm per se. Hopefully our new dry streak will not negate all of our rain accumulation last week. I guess we should enjoy our nice fall weather for now, and pause our concerns for just a bit longer?

Late-season hurricane: November's Noel

We have one last tropical contender in the Atlantic hurricane basin, as the season ends November 30. Noel is now reported a hurricane with 100+ deaths attributed to it in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and 15" of rain in the Bahamas. It seems the intensification described in Steve's post below is taking place, indeed.

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