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The Week Ahead: Consistently Cool
Low pressure provides late-week uncertainty

Dan Stillman @ 8:45 AM

For the first time in a long time (since April), this week is likely to bring us consecutive days with highs below 60 degrees. After a pleasant day today and a chance of showers tonight, you'll notice cooler and windy conditions tomorrow and Wednesday. The forecast takes an uncertain turn for Friday and Saturday, with the 'S' word even getting a mention. The forecast details follow ...


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighMostly sunny, then increasing clouds and chance of showers late. A mostly sunny day should help temperatures warm from morning lows in the low 30s to low 40s (suburbs to city) to afternoon highs in the low 60s. As a cold front approaches, increasing clouds are likely by late afternoon or early evening, with a 30-40% chance of showers during the late evening and overnight hours. Under mostly cloudy skies, overnight lows should dip to the mid 40s in town, closer to 40 in the burbs.

The Upcoming Week at a Glance

Warmest Day: Today, Low 60s.
Coolest Days: Wednesday-Thursday, Near 50; Friday-Saturday, Upper 40s to Low 50s.
Best Chance of Precip: Tonight; Friday-Saturday.
Dry Days: Most of Today, Much of Tomorrow, Wednesday-Thursday, Probably Sunday.
The Week's Wild Cards: Will tonight bring our first rain since Oct. 27? How will the Friday-Saturday forecast pan out? Will someone in our area see snowflakes before the week is over?
Average High/Low: 60-59/44-41

Pictured: A digitally enhanced photograph of Comet Holmes taken Saturday night. By visitor David Abbou.


Forecast Confidence: HighClearing, windy and cool. Any overnight showers should be finishing up by about 7 a.m. After some lingering morning clouds, skies should become partly to mostly sunny by late morning. Winds are likely to be gusty (to near 25 mph) out of the northwest, with afternoon highs in the mid 50s. Overnight, mostly clear and breezy with lows in the mid-to-upper 30s in town, low-to-mid 30s in the burbs.

Pictured: Thomas Jefferson wakes up to a cloudy Saturday sunrise. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighStill windy, even cooler. Don't let the partly to mostly sunny skies fool ya. It may look warm, but temperatures will probably only reach afternoon highs near 50. And winds will continue to be gusty (to near 20 mph) out of the northwest ahead of high pressure building in from the west. Overnight, partly to mostly clear with diminishing winds. Lows in the low-to-mid 30s in town, upper 20s to near 30 in the burbs.


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighCool, calm winds. High pressure will try to hold off an area of low pressure and an associated warm front approaching from the west. If it succeeds, we should end up with a partly to mostly sunny day with calm winds and highs near 50. Overnight, the warm front may be close enough to give us partly cloudy skies with a just a slight chance of a shower and lows in the 30s.


Forecast Confidence: LowLow ... where will you go? Friday's forecast is a bit up in the air at this point. It depends on the path of the low pressure approaching from the west, which may track directly over us, or could miss well to the north. The closer it comes, the better our chance of clouds and showers. The further it stays, the better our chance of some sun and dry conditions. The low may also reform off the coast. If so, and if the track is close enough to us, then the chance of precipitation could continue into Saturday. If the track and timing are right, we could even see a few snowflakes out of all this, but at the moment those chances seem slim. As of now, best guess on highs is upper 40s to low 50s, with lows in the 30s.


Forecast Confidence: MediumHigh pressure to restore order, if only briefly. Looks like high pressure and sunny skies will make a brief visit as highs head for the 50s. But, depending on its speed, the next cold front might be on our doorstep with increasing clouds late in the day or Sunday night, and a chance of showers by Sunday night or Monday.

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