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A Weekend Chill that will Moderate

A. Camden Walker @ 6:13 AM

The extended holiday weekend will start off on a chilly note. There may be some clouds here or there, but it should stay dry. Yet, in the end, some milder weather and perhaps damper, too, will threaten the start back into our work week.


Chilly. Increasing Clouds? Skies will be mostly sunny in the morning, and perhaps slightly cloudy by sunset. Areas around DC will get up into the middle 40s. Breezes should be light. If you do attend or play a football game? Bundle up! And go to the concession stand for plenty of hot chocolate.

Overnight, skies will generally be partly cloudy. Low temperatures even downtown will once again dip below freezing. Outlying areas will be in the mid-20s by dawn. brrr!


Slightly milder. Cloudy. Our cold Canadian high pressure will finally move off of the coast and allow a warmer (southerly) wind trajectory. High temperatures in the lower 50s will prevail around the Beltway. Perhaps mid-50s to our south. Skies will be generally overcast, however, so do not expect much warmth from that usual heat source!

Overnight skies will remain draped in clouds. Winds will pick up a smidge. Temperatures should level off around the 40 degree mark in most areas.


Warmer but Showery. High temperatures could peak at or above 60! Skies will remain very cloudy and showers are likely by midday. The wind will also noticeably pick up by sunset.

If you have not driven home over the weekend, be careful on the wet interstates!

Zooming in on the Moon

Taken by David Abbou's 8" telescope, Tuesday night, in Stafford, VA

In's Sunday post, tomorrow, look for an interesting guest column by Bob Henson, subbing in for Andrew Freedman. On Monday, the weekly outlook will also be posted for an extended view of our transition back into our full workweek.

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