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Weekend Weather: Breezy and Brisk
Noel to Nail New England

Jason Samenow @ 11:00 AM

Aside from a few breezes and seasonably chilly temperatures, the weather will be fairly uneventful around here this weekend. But from Long Island to eastern Maine, a memorable storm is likely to have major impacts, as the strengthening remnants of Noel bring rain, damaging winds and coastal flooding.


Forecast Confidence: HighMostly sunny, windy and cool. As Noel races up the coast and high pressure builds in from the west, steady (10-20mph) and occasionally gusty northerly wind will stream southward. Despite the wind, skies will be partly to mostly sunny and temperatures will gradually climb towards 60 degrees. But it won't feel like 60 much of the day given the winds.

Overnight, it will be clear and cool. Lows will range from the upper 30s in the suburbs to the low 40s downtown.


Forecast Confidence: HighPartly sunny, still breezy. While Noel will be in the Canadian maritimes, its large circulation (coupled with the eastward building high pressure center) will steer westerly winds at 10-15 mph over the region. Once again, expect partly to mostly sunny skies with highs near 60.

Extratropical Storm Noel

At press time, some of the latest computer model guidance portrays an ominous scenario for New England as Noel rapidly heads in that direction. Noel -- yesterday a hurricane and now a deepening extratropical storm -- may produce winds in excess of hurricane force along the Cape, and greater than 50 mph as far west as Boston. Power outages are likely, not to mention coastal flooding. Interestingly, Boston College's second ranked football team plays host to Florida State tomorrow evening when winds will be very strong. The game may have to be postponed due to the hazardous conditions.

Pictured: The NAM model from 0z shows an intense cyclone just east of Cape Cod at 7pm tomorrow. The tightly packed lines of equal pressure (isobars) indicate winds will be very strong around the storm. Heavy rainfall totals are depicted within the magenta and red shading.

The Maryland and Delaware beaches will experience minor impacts from this storm: gale force winds and some minor flooding around high tide.

Pictured: High surf in Duck, North Carolina yesterday as a result of Hurricane Noel. Photographed by visitor Chris Blunck with a Nikon D200 (34mm lens) at a shutter speed of 1/2500 sec and aperture f/2.8.

Bob Ryan's Almanac

Over the past couple of years, since Bob Ryan published his last almanac in 2005, we've gotten inquiries about why new editions weren't published in 2006 and 2007. Here's the lowdown, straight from the source:
There is still the young boy in me who loves snowstorms and I still find my job exciting and challenging -- as always -- but I also did not want to write a 26th Almanac just to make it number 26 if it was not something I would be as proud and happy with as number 1, 8, 12 or 22.

So for now, the 2005 edition, our 25th edition, is the last edition.
Ryan indicates he may incorporate elements from the almanac into NBC4's Weatherplus Web site over time.

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