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Light Dose of Wintry Precipitation Today
The sun takes weekend hiatus

A. Camden Walker @ 11:40 PM

*Winter Weather Advisory in Effect until 8am tomorrow N and W suburbs*

Occasional light mixed precipitation is likely this afternoon and again tonight. Not much accumulation is expected, but given cold temperatures and a frozen ground, a little slipperiness could develop in spots. Beginning tomorrow, the climb back upwards in temperature begins. But this will involve lots and lots of cloud debris in our Washington skies throughout the weekend--perhaps some patchy light rain, too.


Still chilly, cloudy with a wintry mix. Skies will be mostly cloudy today, and may make slightly milder afternoon temperatures in the mid 30s. During the morning hours there may be a light period of snow or sleet, mixing with and changing to rain, and freezing rain N & W of DC. This precipitation will be light and somewhat spotty.

The flow aloft is changing direction as Wednesday's strong cold front and storm system pulls further away. Even past the Canadian Maritime, toward Greenland. The instability causing the cloud formation overhead, may be enough to eek out one last sighting of winter precipitation.

Overnight, skies will generally stay mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain or freezing rain (north and west of town). Low temperatures will generally be in the low to mid 30s.


Light AM rain, brief break in the clouds late? Some light rain may linger through the midday hours. Perhaps during the the afternoon hours we will see a crack or two of blue sky? High temperatures could peak between 45 and 50 degrees.

Overnight temperatures will be buoyed slightly by clouds. Most spots will not dip below 35 degrees; downtown will likely hover around 40. As of now, it appears to be a dry evening, for your Saturday night plans out on the town! Note that this is a much milder scenario than the last several very chilly mornings. The slow melting of snow cover is likely ridding the surface of said "natural cooling device" during nighttime hours -- not to mention the erosion of the cold airmass.


Cloudy; but milder still! Before any threat of an afternoon light rain enters your Sunday thoughts, think of low 50s for highs. Ahhh. There's a nice thaw-out. A needed one perhaps?

Overnight, more scattered showers (more than during daytime hours, earlier) and continued mild conditions, with lows in the mid 40s.


By photographer Ian Livingston: Icy streets slowed drivers to a virtual standstill at Tunlaw Rd & Calvert St., NW.

A Look Ahead

  • After showers dampen some spots on Sunday night, Monday will continue to be cloudy. Temperatures toward 60F are less likely than previously suspected, but 55F shouldn't be too shabby.
  • Tuesday through Thursday will be quite cloudy still. Perhaps more precip (in the form of liquid) with unexciting temperatures to match: in the 40s.

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