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Trend: Milder, Cloudier, Wetter by Sunday
Enjoy Friday before rain sweeps through late weekend

A. Camden Walker @ 9:45 AM

A partly cloudy Friday afternoon will prove a decent end to your week... and beginning of your holiday? Should you be traveling late this weekend, watch for a windier, rainier time of it on the Beltway. A small payoff will be milder temperatures--perhaps near 60, Sunday?


Partly cloudy. Onshore flow out of the east to northeast will likely keep us partly to mostly cloudy today, though some breaks of sun are possible in the afternoon. Expect highs in the mid 40s. A slight breeze will probably be noticeable late in the day. After sunset, conditions will become more and more damp as the relative humidity increases. Some drizzle is possible as low temperatures dip to the upper 30s to near 40.


Cloudy, possibly drizzly. The breeze will become more and more noticeable. The fetch from the east-northeast -- the result of clockwise circulation around high pressure parked in the Atlantic near Nova Scotia -- will keep us socked in with clouds and a chance of more drizzle. Temperatures will slowly rise to highs in the mid 40s. Overnight, temperatures will be buoyed by the clouds--around the 40 degree mark. Perhaps even middle 40s (especially downtown).


Overcast with Rain. Highs on Sunday could approach 60 degrees along with periods of rain, mainly in the afternoon and early evening. Winds will continue persistently out of the east. As the system clears overnight, one last shower is possible. Low temperatures can be expected in the upper 30s.


By's A. Camden Walker: Capturing yesterday's visible, crisp, clear sunrise over the Smithsonian's American History Museum at 14th&Constitution, NW.

A Look Ahead

  • After showers clear on Sunday night, Monday will show us some sun with temperatures reminiscent of the past few days (lower 40s for highs, near freezing for lows).
  • Tuesday through Thursday will be tricky. Christmas daytime driving may be ok, but temperatures will be cool (in the 40s) with the potential for some clouds in the picture. What about Christmas night through Thursday? A storm may try to approach from the south. At the moment, it looks like this would happen later rather than sooner, and precipitation would be in liquid rather than frozen form. But we'll be keeping our eye on things.

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