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Up Down All Around - Topsy Turvy Conditions
Rain and sun continue to battle this weekend

A. Camden Walker @ 10:32 AM

Your Friday starts off nice but it won't last. Showers will threaten by the evening rush time. This weekend will be a tight "sun sandwich" with rain before AND after a brief dry period on Saturday afternoon & evening. Will there be any wintry precipitation Sunday night?


Partly sunny morning, late afternoon showers? We may experience two days in one, today. The morning will be partly sunny, and in the 40s. The afternoon will quickly cloud over and then threaten a shower by this evening's rush. Winds will increase out of the SE direction. High temperatures, despite increasing clouds, will hit 47 or even 50 degrees in spots south of the city. Chance of rain? About 30%. If you are a gambling evening commuter, I wonder if you will consider leaving your umbrella at the office? eh?

Overnight, we get socked by rain. The showers will turn into 100% steady rain by late-evening. Temperatures will remain steady in the mid to upper 40s. Winds will be breezy, perhaps 10-20 mph, out of the south.


Rain ends, sun peeks out. After sunrise, rain will quickly end. Temperatures in the upper 40s will head into the lower 50s. Northwesterly winds will be steady, as the sun begins to peak out during mid-morning. These winds will be of the "downsloping" variety off of the Blue Ridge mountains, thus elevating our temperature. Overnight, temperatures will slowly fall back through the 40s, into the upper 30s. Winds will slowly slacken (but not completely). Clear skies early will yield to increasing clouds towards morning.


Overcast again, afternoon rain? Highs on Sunday could make it into the middle 40s, but it will feel chilly and be damp. It will cloud over around sunrise and some light rain (50% chance) may begin to annoy us during the afternoon (especially late). Overnight, some light precipitation may continue, with the possibility of rain changing to snow, especially north and west of DC. (We'll keep you posted on this less than certain forecast). Winds will continue out of the northeast and temperatures should drop to between 30-35.


By's Ian Livingston: A taxi cab stops in front of DC's National Cathedral yesterday.

A Look Ahead

  • After a chance of precipitation Sunday night, New Year's Eve will dry out. High temperatures will likely be in the upper 40s.
  • Tuesday through Thursday will demonstrate a cooling trend. Each day will likely be cooler than the last, with Wednesday & Thursday threatening moderate winds (and a snow flurry Wednesday?), during the daytime. High temperatures will likely not get out of the 30s and even subfreezing highs can't be ruled out on Thursday.

Short Days and Cold Temperatures

Our lowest average high temperatures of the year follow several weeks AFTER our shortest (winter solstice) day length. I just wanted you to be ready for average high temperatures of 42 degrees for most of middle January. Daytime length may get a few minutes longer--and noticeable--by January's end, but the solar energy will be weak. Any snow that falls during daylight hours will have a difficult time melting through overcast skies, due to the weak infrared energy from the sun this time of year.

Don't forget that Seasonal Affective Disorder usually "hits" in January. Be sure to take advantage of the rare sunny days and walk around during peak noontime daylight hours so that you can avoid the winter blues!

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