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Jason Samenow @ 4:00 PM

Marc Fisher at on the partnership: The Weather Outside Comes Inside

After nearly four years operating as an independent Web site, we are thrilled to announce that we will join tomorrow, January 8. will officially become's "Capital Weather Gang" blog.

As soon as our area on launches, will automatically re-direct to the new Capital Weather Gang blog, hosted on the Web site. Expect the same useful, interactive and entertaining weather content from the same team of meteorologists, writers and photographers. The look and feel of the site will change, but you should notice improvements, such as a sharper look and a more reliable commenting system.

The move to will give our content greater reach and align us with one of the Internet's top destinations for news and information. In time, our access to's information technology resources will enable the roll-out of new innovative tools and multimedia.

We'd like to thank all of our visitors, who have helped build the community. Please join us (and tell your friends and family) as we relocate at a new home, a home where the sky is truly the limit for useful, interactive and entertaining local weather content...

Jason Samenow, Chief Meteorologist

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